Jamaica comes from the Arawak word Xaymaca which means “Isle of Springs”. It is from these springs that WATA comes.

Wisynco Group Limited's WATA - Ah... Refreshing!

It’s in the name, the lifestyle, it’s a part of the attraction and now it’s in the taste.  WATA is intrinsic to Jamaica’s way of life.  A pure product from the “Isle of Springs” WATA restores, refreshes, and stimulates your taste buds.

Purified Drinking Water

WATA is purified drinking water and is bottled only after going through thorough purification processes to ensure its purity and great taste. WATA maintains its standard of excellence through a filtration process in which large particles, odor, color or taste is removed.

Jamaican WATA

The well spring of the WATA brand is in keeping with the Jamaican culture… versatile, healing and untainted.  It is this versatility that has given birth to Likkle WATA, Sports WATA and their newest CranWATA.

The WATA, bottled water brand, has flowed its way into the hearts of the region, and is now exported outside of Jamaica. Go ahead, indulge yourself only then will you truly understand why this little island is known as the land of wood and WATA.

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