WISYNCO Products

At Wisynco Group Limited we make it our personal goal to provide Jamaica with the finest of what's available, which has allowed us to become one of the leading Caribbean grocery importers. We import the top grocery products from around the world, including products from General Mills, Kellogg's and Nestle

Wisynco Exclusive Products

At Wisynco, we don't only import products, we also have our own line of products exclusive to Wisynco Group Limited, including Bigga, Wata, and our own line of manufactured synthetics. Wisynco listens to you, the customer, and adjust our products based on your specific needs and wants.

Finding Wisynco Products

Wisynco Group Limited products are available Island-wide, from groceries to beverages, plastics or restaurants we provide the means for living life at the best standards.

WISYNCO News Community
Staff Profile:
  • Name: Jermaine
  • Position: Brand Event Supervisor


  • With Wisynco Since: 2009
  • Favorite Product: Wata

A bit about me: I am a hard working individual who enjoys what he does.

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